Monday, 31 October 2011


Jamel Akib is an illustrator that caught my eye in one of the lectures. Looking at some examples of his work is a perfect example of used of perspective within illustration.

Bill Jacklin is another illustrator who has a clear obvious understanding of perspective which is used within his illustrations. I found Jacklin's work particularly interesting for his use of figures in perspective and also his use of shadows.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Art Nouveau

I've been looking at Art Nouveau posters to influence my word's only cube. I chose to look at Art Nouveau typography because of how decorative and experimental it is. Letterforms usually would feature elongated lines and curves. Art nouveau was against traditional and commonplace art and etablished order, this can be seen all in all areas of the style as well as in how type was presented.

Patrick Heron

I've chosen Patrick Heron as the subject for my complementary colours. One of Heron's key interests was colour, 'colour is both the subject and the means; the form and the content and the meaning.' Heron's paintings are made up of sometimes abstract shapes and forms which float or group together, surrounded by colour, his compositions sometimes these forms leaving a large amount of flat, block colour. I thought Heron would also be an interesting artist to chose or this brief because of his use of composition, the shapes which Heron uses can be used to balance the composition and keep the eye within the canvas.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lucienne Day

I love the style of Lucienne Day's textile designs. The designs are playful and use pattern and colour with a influence of abstract art. Now to turn that in a cube...   

Sunday, 9 October 2011

'Colour possesses me' - Klee

Paul Klee is another artist I think of with regards to colour. At first glance his painting may seem primitive and childlike, but it is Klee's use and obsession with colour that make his work particularly interesting. Looking at Klee's work reminds me to be experimental with colour and that colour is much more complicated then it may appear.

Feeling Blue?

I always found Picasso's use of colour interesting, particularly from the blue period, where the use of cool, blue hues create a sombre atmosphere. Paintings such as this remind me that colour is personal and can reflect the state of mind of the artist.