Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Art of Being Odd

For professional practice we have been asked to think of ourselves as a brand, we've been set a brief to explore the oddities of our personality, I've got to think about what makes me different to the person sat next to me? The best way to start think project is by producing a list of any quirks I have:

  • Peanut Butter is one of my greatest loves
  • Make mine milk - another food related one, but I love milk! My mum always says she needs a cow at the bottom of the garden...strong bones though ey!
  • Not much of a quirk but I am a constant worrier, I get stressed over the littlest things, bit of a nervous wreck, symptoms inc. the shaky knees syndrome
  • I hate shopping - Christmas shopping is a form of torture
  • The more I think the more pencils/pens/hair/anything in reach is chewed
  • I walk on my toes
  • I find people dressed as animals unnerving - the foxy bingo man-fox is enough to give me nightmares* 
  • I often prefer the company of animals to people
  • Bad telly is my downfall, I'm sucked into the watching the worse kind of TV, recently I'm going through a 'dinner date' phase.
  • If it's dark my eyes are closed, I'm 21 and still scared of what I might see...
  • I'm a morning person... I wake up early even when trying to lay in!

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